Aleryo® Integrated Wall Decoration System

Introduction of Integrated Wall Decoration System

  • Our integrated wall decoration system offers a revolutionary solution for the prefab decor industry. It replaces traditional wet wall construction methods by introducing prefabricated drywall panels.
  • These panels are efficiently installed onto profiled framework and columns, resulting in a seamless and visually appealing decorative wall system. This innovative approach enhances efficiency, precision, and overall quality, transforming the way walls are built and decorated.

Convenient Installation Methods

installation methods for integrated wall panel

Introduction of Laminated Metal Composite Panel

Laminated Metal Composite Panel profile
  • The Laminated Metal Composite Panel is available in a thickness of 4mm and comes in two fire resistance grades: B1 and A2.
  • The panel has a width of 1220mm, while the length can be customized, with a maximum length of up to 9800mm.

The product is a new type of material that combines the metal composite panel with an eco-friendly decorative film after processing the base layer. It possesses features such as fire resistance, moisture resistance, zero formaldehyde emission, stain and scratch resistance, and easy installation. It serves as a substitute for wood in interior and exterior decoration, providing strong competitive advantages in areas where wood veneer is widely used.

The base materials for the metal composite panel include:

Laminated Metal Composite Panel Sample

The colors and patterns of metal composite panels

This metal composite panels are available in various colors and patterns, including wood grain, stone grain, leather grain, solid basic colors (based on product color series), and customized patterns and colors to meet specific requirements.

popular wood grain pattern light color series
popular wood grain pattern dark series

Application scenarios