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Wood Finish Panel

Introduction of Wood Finish Panels

wood finish panel
  • Wood finish panels are decorative materials for interior design, made by hot-pressing plywood or fiberboard with a wood-like surface. They are zero formaldehyde, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

  • Thickness options range from 5mm to 8mm, suitable for various residential and commercial projects.

  • Streamline on-site work with pre-finished panels for walls, ceilings, doors, and more. They offer an eco-friendly solution with consistent, high-quality wood finishes.

Wood Finish Panel Features

Wood Finish Panel Composite

Wood Finish Panel Specification

Product Name: WPC Nano Wood Veneer
Specifications: 1220×2440mm (customizable)
Thickness: 5mm/8mm (customizable)
Density: 6-9 (customizable)
Environmental Grade: E0
Application: Wall protection board, ceiling, background wall, wainscoting.

Wood Finish Panel Colors

Wood Finish Panel Applications

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